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PostSubject: Teamspeak Rules   Teamspeak Rules Icon_minitimeSun Sep 04 2011, 16:06

Teamspeak Rules

- Politeness is a must, not because we play the super hero, we must forget the rules of politeness that govern our daily lives.
So, "Hello," "Goodbye," "had a good time" and so on. are the foundation for social harmony on Teamspeak.

- Set your microphones that can hear you correctly, arrange to not to cause noise problems (echo, background noise etc ...)

- When someone is speaking is avoided or cut him off so we apologize

- The vocabulary, playing an FPS, the "whore" and other often fuse, insults are not prohibited but try to limit the uses of these words

- Our Teamspeak channel is composed of several, each with a function, for example, so do not put you in the channel "Bad Company 2" If you are Absent

- To ensure the best atmosphere possible on Teamspeak, be sure to monitor your connection, something funny in your eyes is not necessarily for others and can hurt.

- No need to cry also, if someone has not heard, we should not attack his ears and those of other members present so that you understand

- The flood Oral / Sound: The connecting several times to produce the sound "new player" Switcher channel several times to produce also the annoying members present, repeat several times the same word or sound, will be sanctioned

- As an ordinary user (invite non-registered) you are on this TeamSpeak for a simple courtesy call or play on servers *S*F*P*. An exception, you play with a member of *S*F*P* on another server or other cases in reasonable limits (no abuse).

- Music on TeamSpeak is tolerated except in the room "Discoteca *S*F*P*"

- For more information contact an Admin *S*F*P*

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Teamspeak Rules
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